24 April 2011

Lemon and Basil Salmon, "Slow" Roasted

Having wanted to cook salmon for a long time, and finding ourselves with a weekend free of plans, we looked for a recipe. On second though, "looked" may not be the appropriate word - I was hungry, so I picked up the first cookbook, found a salmon recipe, and went to buy ingredients. The recipe came from a book I've used once before but have owned for many years. This recipe was another delicious and easy feast, so I may find myself returning to the pages more often.
As is my (approximate) policy for recipes direct from a book, I won't post the recipe, but I will share some salient bits. For one, this salmon came out beautifully. I would like to, at least partially, thank my wallet for that. I don't know the normal prices of these things, and I wasn't really in the mood to comparison shop, but $28 a pound seems like a lot of money. I mean, I guess the salmon was labeled as "wild" and "Alaskan king," two things one is instructed to look for. Maybe the salmon was also given an hour long massage after being caught, and treated to a mud-wrap facial. The other thing would be the cooking method -- I'm used to salmon cooked in a hot oven for a decent amount of time, and seasoned for yet longer beforehand. This recipe had the salmon soak for 30 minutes in olive oil and salt, and cook for only 15-20 minutes in a 225 degree (F) oven. I wouldn't think that long enough for either stage, yet it seemed to be more than ample.
The other one was the amazing sauce. It was very simple, consisting of mostly white wine, butter, and (as this is from an herb-based cookbook) basil. It may not have thickened much, and I may have forgotten to add shallots (let alone buy them), but it was divine. I may have taken a sip of it, direct from the plate, after we had cleaned it completely of salmon and veggies.

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