14 August 2011

Posts to resume soon

And here is a quick computer drawing of a notebook sketch I did about why I haven't been posting.
Some things about Belizean food: unless you go to the South (we didn't), you should really like rice and beans with stewed meat. Potentially also beans and rice (which, it turns out, we enjoyed more than rice and beans). You won't be getting much else. Even though it is the only cheap beer, Belikin isn't half bad. Go for the stout, and don't be surprised when you find your beer empty way earlier than expected. The bottles are very heavy and not very large. Drink lots of Panty Rippers just to see if they live up to their name; if you want something manlier just go for some One Barrel with lime. If you find yourself on Caye Caulker you should try eating at Fran's - more for the atmosphere (picnic tables force conversations with strangers) than for the food (standard-fare barbecued things). Eat some Johnny Cakes for breakfast - we didn't until the last day and Great Scott were we ever missing out. And, as always, be wary of cheap sea food specials so you don't end up sick like me.

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  1. Rebecca brought me back some Belikin from her trip, and I too enjoyed the stout and remarked on the heavy bottles (which now grace my bottle trophy shelf in the kitchen). Much better than 99% of Brazilian beer, at least.