02 March 2011

Experimenting (But Not With Shortbread)

So my last post I mentioned adding cornmeal to the vegan pancake recipe. It wasn't corny enough - I had a 1:3 cornmeal-to-flour ratio and suggested a 1:2 or even 2:3 ratio. Well, in my finest tradition of doing things wrong, I said "lets take the cornmeal to eleven". I used a 4:3 ratio. Yeah, thats right, more cornmeal than flour. How you like dem apples?

Personally, I didn't much like dem apples. You might, but I'd recommend sugar. For reference, I used the previous recipe linked with 1/3 cup cornmeal and 1/4 cup flour. It made... a crepe? I guess we can call it that. I also crushed blueberries into it, then topped it with a few more for good measure. I think adding either a teaspoon+ of sugar, or doubling the amount of crushed blueberries, would have greatly increased the edibility.

For figuring out these ratios, I looked at a recipe I had for savory cornbread (2:3 cornmeal-to-flour ratio) and the cornbread muffin recipe on the box of cornmeal (1:1 cornmeal-to-flour, plus lots of sugar). Could stand to improve my recipe-reading skill, but that only comes from trying and failing, I guess. At least it was edible if the bite contained a blueberry.

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