01 November 2010

Breadtastrophe Rematch, Round 1

I wanted revenge on the lean bread for the failure of last time. I haven't baked it yet (cold fermenting for a few nights first), but I may have bested it. Which is easy, really, considering I royally screwed the recipe up last time. It called for "Unbleached White Bread Flour" which I translated into shopping terms of "Unbleached White Flour."

Not the same thing.

For the rematch, I decided to spice up the recipe with rosemary - equal parts rosemary as salt, 7g in this case. Upon mixing the dough, I knew it was going to turn out right.
Dough, post mixing, pre stretch-and-fold
It has a much wetter texture, good amount of shag, and a really good feel in the hand. I proceed to do the stretch-and-fold on the dough four times, and there is a definite transformation of the dough during the process (unlike the previous attempt). It comes together and gets loads of taffy-ness, looking more like a ball of dough and less like a potato mash, but it still has all the gooeyness you look for.
Dough, post stretch-and-fold
Guess that extra gluten is useful after all, but the final verdict will come in a few days. I plan on making single-serving sandwich rolls, topped with some ground sea salt and rosemary before the bake. Call it a bastardized, simplified Rosemary Diamante.

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