03 November 2010

Breadtastrophe Rematch, Round 2 (Spoiler: Victory by KO)

See previous post here for recipe info, etc. I envisioned this dough being perfect for tiny sandwiches, adorned with fancy meat and cheese, so I formed it into rolls. Slightly large rolls, placed a little too close together on the pan for baking. So they baked into each-other and I had to pull them apart post-baking. Still delicious though:
You can see the marks from pulling them apart

Almost everything went right. The amount of rosemary was about perfect for a hint but not a blast, the inside of the dough had pockets galore after baking, nothing scorched or undercooked. The pre-worked dough was bubbly like woah. The sea salt sprinkling was also pretty light which was complete guess work. This is what it looked like, removed from fridge in the morning:

Bubbles! (No Buttercup or Blossom, sorry)
I did learn a few lessons from the dough/cooking. When adorning with herb toppings, put it in post shaping right before you proof (let sit) the dough. I instead saved them for the very end, right when you would score the dough before putting it into the oven. Otherwise, it doesn't really stick in and flakes off with the lightest touch, ruining my five-pointed rosemary stars. Or it could be that it just won't work without pressing it in.

Also, when stretch-and-folding a dough in the bowl instead of on a separate surface (as I did with this batch), you should probably re-mist the bowl with oil after the last iteration before refrigerating. The dough had to be peeled away from the metal, probably ruining some airpockets in the final product.

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