28 December 2010

Origami Reindeer

Made this Christmas Eve as part of a reindeer-making celebration. I thought Christmas was either about family, Jesus, or presents, but apparently it is all about picking a medium and making reindeer to go next to the Christmas shrub (again, I thought one had a tree but I can see how this is hard in a small place). This folding was somewhat annoying.
Now, this was supposed to be made from foil and after the fact I can see why. In the center of the torso, and in the head, it is probably 10 or more layers of paper thick. Very hard to work with - I mostly gave up on the final shaping steps of the legs, head, torso, and horns. It was folded with an offset waterbomb base, leaving 1/6 or so of the paper hanging off the side which was later (through a very arduous process) turned into antlers.

I was also expecting it to be somewhat difficult, as it appeared as one of the last models in the book, but I realized it wasn't so much difficult as time consuming. I think there was only one sink fold in the model, and there were no funny twist folds or petal folds involving many layers.

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