24 October 2010

Breadtastrophe + Brunch

The first loaf of failed bread!
Its so sad and ugly. But still kinda edible!
This was the "Lean Loaf" recipe which is supposed to be very good, halfway between the denser french bread and the very airy, liquidy l'ancienne. Unfortunately, it turned out denser than the french. It also rose way more in the oven than not, hence the "popped" look of the loaf. Something went wrong in the process - our best guess is that the fridge was too cold, so when the dough was placed overnight in the fridge to rise and flavor, it just sat there. Sleeping. Lazy bread.

They can't all be winners, but a bit of peanut butter saved it. Lesson learned for next time: if the recipe says to let the bread rise to 1.5 times its original size overnight, and it hasn't appeared to grow at all, don't cook it.

Luckily the morning was not a complete flavor failure. There was a great omelette served with potatoes. It was filled with bell pepper, mushrooms, salami, and onion. 
The morning savior.
I learned the secret to preparing a delicious and good looking omelette (my previous omelette prepartions have only been delicious). We cooked all of the fillings in a pan until they looked delicious and placed them in a bowl. Then, we buttered the pan heavily and poured in the pre-mixed egg/milk combination. That cooked with the lid on for a while medium heat until it looked very edible but with a somewhat-runny top. We then sprinkled on the grated cheese, re-topped with fillings, and folded it over onto a plate.

Delicious, delicious breakfast "taco".

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