11 October 2010

French Bread, Batch #2, Loaf #2

Same recipe as the others, same batch of dough as the last, but it cold fermented in the fridge for 3 nights instead of 1. Little moister and a little more sour flavor. Sadly, the crust blistered a bit. I forgot to flour my work surface in the morning while shaping it, which may have contributed to this.

I woke up at my usual time, shaped the dough, and then worked from home for the time it took to rise and bake. I didn't actually let it cool properly - I wrapped it in aluminum foil and drove it in to work. This trapped moisture in during the cooling, which meant the crust lost most of its crispness. However, the inside of the bread was incredibly warm and chewy when it made it to work and would have worked wonders as a bread bowl.

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