20 October 2010

Origami Goatfish

Non-food tonight. I got two new origami books in the mail, both by Lang. One was purchased solely for this design of a Koi (complete with scales). I started off on the "easy" end of the book with the Goatfish. Easy, of course, was a very relative term.
My camera isn't so good at these shots
For reference, I used a 6" piece of paper to start with, pictured above. While there was no single fold that was difficult, this model had a lot of crimps, squashes, and pulling out of internal layers. The number of points on the final model is astounding - it started with a simple bird base, and went from there. Actually, it was refreshing to fold something this detailed and not have to make a single sink fold.

For reference as to how much my folding could improve (in addition to my camera), see Lang's original. Note that the prototype linked is missing the fins behind the gills (hard to make out in my photo).

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