24 October 2010

Wooly Mammoth

RAWR - tiny sized. 6" foil sheet.
I don't know how you would make this without a foil-backed sheet - there are a lot of crimp folds that went halfway through the model (normal paper will tend to get ugly crinkle lines) and a lot of very fine folds (foil is thin enough that you can work through many layers without anything slipping). I am very pleased with the final result; you can't really undo any mistakes in foil and I stupidly didn't do a dry-run of the model in normal paper. Luckily, there weren't too many tricky folds except the final shaping folds, which I bluffed my way through with the power of foil. 

For instance, the trunk was supposed to be bent using three successive crimp folds in a line. Very hard to do when the paper has that many layers, but foil just bends into place without needing actual folds. The final thinning of the tusks was done with a knitting needle to put a crease down the center and then I finished the fold with my fingers - tweezers may have worked better, but were not at hand.

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